Adoption - Day 5 - Relax

Today was our first day of just enjoying Colombia. We had no appointments to keep and no meetings with any officials or social workers. So...we went to Parque Duque (PD). PD is a hybrid theme park. It consists of a museum, a zoo, and rides. It's a cross between a giant playground, the Akron zoo, and multi-cultural museum (with a full-size replica of the Taj Mahal...not kidding). It was fun. The weather was nice and it was not very crowded. 

For lunch, we went to a cafe that is not far from our apartment. We had a local favorite called empanadas. They were very tasty (fried meat or cheese pies) and very cost effective. The whole family ate for $7. We spent the afternoon laying around, watching TV, reading, and listening to music. 

Around 6 PM we decided to go to Exito (a Colombian Super Target). We got some more food (do you sense a theme) and returned to the apartment. Then we went to a pizza parlor called Archies. It was as a good a pizza as I have ever had. We are not going hungry in Colombia.

We did get some sad news this evening. There was another family here adopting a small child. They were experiencing troubles bonding. Today, they decided to return home and the child went back to the orphanage. I feel sad for the family and for the child. I know God is soveriegn. I know He is working out His plan, but His plan can have twists and turns that create disappointment and confusion for us. I am praying for this family and for this boy. Please lift them up as you continue to pray for us.