Adoption - Day 4 - The Lawyer

I have said many times that international adoption is not a user friendly process. However, I did not mean to imply that there are no friends in the process. In fact, we have had many friends in this process and most of them have never met us. One such person is our lawyer here in Colombia. Her name is Lucy.

Today we got to spend some time with Lucy. She has a great story. To start things off, Lucy used to be the Attorney General of Colombia. While serving her country in that role, she saw many horrible adoption cases and realized children had no advocate within the Colombian court system. When her time was up as the Attorney General, she dedicated herself to advocating for children. She did this for several years all the while making a plan to retire in Vancouver, Canada (she has family there). 

After retiring and preparing to move, All God's Children (the adoption agency we are using) contacted her to offer her a job. She told them of her retirement plans but they insisted upon meeting with her. She agreed. After the meeting, she told them she would help them for 3 months until they could find someone else. That was 5 years ago. 

We first met Lucy on our Gotcha Day. The thing I remember about her the most is when she looked at us and said, "I love my job!" She said it with real joy and enthusiasism. She meant it. She will be the first to tell you the process is crazy and doesn't make sense, but she is also the one behind the scenes pulling things together. She told us today that right now she is managing 7 adoptions. One of them involves a newborn with heart problems (who is being adopted by a cardiologist is New York...isn't God amazing!)

I barely know Lucy, but I know she is on our side. I know she cares about Kevin and Juan David. I know she is in our corner (and many families corners) fighting the good fight and being used of God to change people's lives. When you pray for us, please add Lucy to your prayers. God is using her. Pray she does not grow discouraged and pray that she can find someone to mentor so the fight will go on.