Adoption - Day 37 - Christmas Gifts

Kevin and Juan David are adjusting to life as a Duckett and to living in OH. As a family we have scaled back our activities. We are eating more at home (which is a good thing) and doing less running around (at least we are more intentional about it). We have made these changes to help Kevin and Juan David acclimate. As you know, our first few weeks of winter have been it selfish to think God did that just for us? As a result, the boys have not seen snow, have not worn their heavy jackets, and are still able to do things outside (raking leaves...yeah!). I am amazed at how much we can get done when 5 Ducketts are raking leaves (Cherry doesn't do leaves...surprise!).

Even though we have reduced our running around, there are some things that are unavoidable. Seth has basketball games, Kevin and Juan David have all kinds of medical appointments (just normal checkups and getting established), and it is Christmas time. Therefore, we have to go out and do some shopping. Last weekend we took the whole family to the mall. Kevin and Juan David were not overwhelmed by it (Bogota has many malls...just as big and fancy as the ones here in OH). However, they idea of buying gifts is a new concept to them. Trust me...they have no trouble receiving gifts, but they've never had the opportunity to purposefully purchase a gift for someone. They've never had the resources.

Well, while at the mall, the family had to split up. Seth wanted to buy gifts for Kevin and Juan David and he did not want them to see him doing it. So...I took Kevin and Juan David and we headed in the opposite direction. While walking with them, I had the idea of letting them pick out something for Cherry. I pulled them aside and using my iTranslate app asked, "Would you like to buy a gift for mom?" Their faces lit up! Standing right there in the mall, Juan David pointed to the nearest jewelry store and said, "Diamonds for mom!" (I didn't even know he knew the word "diamonds.") Before that suggestion caught any traction, I quickly pointed them to a department store. We all smiled and headed in that direction.

It didn't take them long to find something (I can't tell you what it is because Cherry will be reading this blog). Needless to say, it still cost more than I had in mind. I tried to explain (again using the app), they just looked at me as if they were saying, "What's your problem?" There was no going back. We walked up to counter and made the purchase (I kept the receipt...Cherry may not like the gift?...Really, who am I kidding?)

They were so proud. They quickly explained to me (through pointing and gestures) they wanted to take the gift and hide it in the van before we hooked back up with the rest of the family. They did not want Cherry to see the gift.

I can only imagine what Christmas morning is going to be like.