Adoption - Day 3 - Colombian ID's

It has been a full day here in Colombia. We were told that we needed to be patient, keep a good attitude, and be flexible. I now know that these are the most important things as we work with the Colombian government. There is a method to their madness, but the key word is madness. Last night we found out that we had an appointment (I use that word loosely) to get our Colombian ID cards. A Colombian ID is the equivalent of a driver's license in the States. Cherry and I each have to have one to stand before the judge (there is probably a sermon illustration in this...but I'm too tired to figure it out right now). 

The place one goes to get a Colombian ID reminds me of the DMV in Sacramento...a lot of people, long lines, government employees who don't look happy, and waiting for your turn. The event started out pleasant. There is another family here also adopting so our appointments were together. Once all of us were registered into their system, the other family was done within in hour. I was hopeful...that didn't last. Three hours later Cherry and I were finally done. There was no problem. We just had to wait our turn. You would think it worked on a "first come first serve" basis, but that was not the case. I watched many people come in after us and walk out before us. I started getting anxious wondering if there was some conspiracy against the American couple adopting two African-Colombian boys. There wasn't. It was just their process. I prayed and waited. Cherry made a friend. I guess it is easy to see the difference between our attitudes. 

Once the process was completed, we returned to our apartment. Cherry prepared dinner for us (rotisserie chicken from the local market...just like BJ's...literally). Kevin and Juan David are good eaters. They do not appear to be picky about their food. After dinner we walked to the mall (about two blocks from us). It was just like going to Summit or North Canton. We are in a very Westernized part of Bogota. 

We are not sure what tomorrow holds...but I'll let you know what happens.