Adoption - Day 20 - Visas

Today was the day. If we got our visas, we could be home on Sunday. If not, it would be Tuesday or Wednesday. We got up early, made our way to the US Embassy, and by 8:30 we were waiting at the embassy for our 9 AM appointment. At about 8:50, we heard our name over the intercom. We approached the appropriate window (the meeting was outside under a covered talk on a phone through a piece of one does when they are visiting someone in jail). We handed the nice lady on the other side all of our paperwork. She looked at it, smiled, and said our visas would be ready at 2 PM. YEAH!!!!

We had about 4 hours to burn so we decided to go to an amusement park (think Cedar Point...on a very small scale). The boys were very excited. They had seen this amusement park many times, but they had never had the chance to go to it. Kevin is pretty fearless...he'll ride almost anything. Juan David is fearful...he rode nothing. So...the amusement park has mixed reviews.

We returned to the embassy at 2, got our visas, had a little celebration, and then started our journey back across town to our apartment. I paid for our plane tickets and we will be home Sunday afternoon! We are all very excited. The boys started asking many questions about Ohio once we had our visas. They asked: "We will use pesos in America?" "Do people drive old cars or does everyone have a new car?" "Does anyone speak Spanish in Ohio?" "Will we be able to make friends there?" Obviously, their brains are working overtime trying to imagine what their lives are going to be like.

This will be my last post from Colombia. Thank you for keeping up with us and for praying for us. God has been faithful. We'll see you in OH!