Adoption - Day 2 - Gotcha Day

What an incredible day we have had! The morning was spent learning our way around the neighbor. At 11 AM Patricia picked us up and took us to our first appointment. Traffic in Bogota is unbelievable. There are so many cars in Bogota that people whose car licenses end with an odd number drive on M, W, and F. Those that end with an even number drive on T, TH, and SAT. You would think that would help...nope. Traffic is horrible. There are no red lights and no left turns. You can imagine how that might work.

Our appointment lasted longer than we thought. We got to meet with the boy's counselor, social worker, and doctor. All good news but we were able to ask many questions. Everyone of those individuals shed tears of joy for the boys. It was moving to see how all those who have come in contact with Kevin and Juan David cared so much for them. We heard many stories of how God connected all the dots for them to join our family. 

Finally, around 3 PM, we met Kevin and Juan David for the first time. There is no way I can write how that moment felt. I wondered what would happen when they entered the room. Would it be awkward? Would we just stand there and look at each other? Would we hug? I didn't know what to expect. They took care of it. When Kevin entered the room, he immediately ran to Cherry, embraced her, and cried hard in her arms. Juan David came to me. He just hugged. He would not let go. After a few minutes, they swapped. It was all precious, sweet, and warm. Eventually we sat down and the interpreter helped us get through some questions. Again, it was fun. It was a good time. 

We left the orphanage with them. The are with us now at the apartment. We are learing to communicate. It will take time, but it is happening. We use itranslate (an app on our phones) to get us through when we get stumped. It has been a good day. 

We do have pictures...but due to slow internet speeds, I'm having a difficult time getting them loaded. I will keep reporting and will add pictures when I'm able.