Adoption - Day 19 - Uber

Thanksgiving in Colombia...we would have never thought we would be spending Thanksgiving in Colombia. We have much to be thankful for...two awesome boys in the US and two awesome boys from Colombia. We are truly blessed! (That is certainly not everything...but that is the focus right now)

It was not a typical Thanksgiving for turkey, no football, no extended family. It's just the four of us in Bogota. We thought about trying to cook a traditional meal, but Colombian grocery stores do not stock turkey, ham, yams, pecan pies, or even black-eyed peas. So...for lunch we had ham (they stock sandwich meat) & cheese sandwiches. Dinner was at a restaurant called Waffles & Crepes (I'll just leave it at that). 

Today we decided to walk to a large mall called Unicentro Plaza. Patricia, our interpreter/guide, told me that we could walk there. She said it wasn't that far. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to walk to the mall. Needless to say, when we got there the first thing we did was sit down and drink something. The mall was nice...very Westernized. We even found a Krispy Kreme (Juan David loved it...Kevin said it was okay...neither of them had ever had a donut). However, we were dreading that walk back to the apartment. So...I decided we would use Uber to get home (if you don't know what that is...Google it). It was great. I wish we had done that to get there. It cost a whopping 7,600 pesos to get back to the apartment (that's less than $3).

Tomorrow is a big day. We have our embassy appointment at 9 AM. It is possible we could have American visas for the boys by tomorrow afternoon. If that happens...we will be on a flight home Saturday evening. If not, it will be Teusday before we can return to New Franklin. 

One other thankful thing I want to express before signing off...I am so thankful for all the people who have been praying for us. Without a doubt, God has answered prayers while on this journey. His faithfulness, coupled with the faithful prayers of our faith family, humbles me. The only way I know to respond is with praise and thanks. May the Lord bless you all as continue to live for Him.