Adoption - Day 18 - Loose Ends

Today was a different kind of day. It was the first day since we have been in Colombia that Cherry and I and the boys were not all together. There were several loose ends that needed to be taken care of and everything we have done to this point has required that we all do it together. Today was not like that. 9 AM this morning I left Cherry, Kevin, and Juan David to go take care of these loose ends.

First, I went back to the passport building to retrieve Kevin and Juan David's passports. I had no problems, but one of the other families here adopting a sibling couple was only able to receive a passport for one their children. They have to go back tomorrow to see if the other passport is ready. Then it was off to ICBF (Colombia's version of child services). Here, I had to make sure everyone's name and birth date was correct (I know that sounds easy, but I was surprised at how difficult it would English speaking employees at ICBF) and sign paperwork. From there, I went back to the orphanage the boys were connected to. Casa de la Madre y el Nino (House of Mother and Child) has been existence for over 70 years. The first child that was adopted from this orphanage is now a grandparent. I had to return to this special place to do an exit interview. 

I'm sure reading this you might think these errands were done by lunch time. I guess in any other city that might be true, but in Bogota nothing happens fast. I made it back to the apartment around 4 PM. You might be wondering "What did Cherry and the boys do while I was gone all day?" Well...they went to the park, went to an ice cream palor, and watched a movie. Sounds like they had a pretty good day.

We found out today that our appointment at the US Embassy is Friday at 9 AM. It is possible that we will have the boys visas by Friday afternoon. If not, it will be Monday. We will be able to purchase tickets to return home as soon as we have the visas. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are very excited at thought of coming home. Please continue to pray God's care over this process. He has been faithful!