Adoption - Day 17 - Passports

While watching the news yesterday at a restaurant, I noticed they were doing a story on Colombian passports. They were showing footage of the line outside the passport building. There were hundreds of people waiting to get their passports. I asked Patricia, our interpreter/guide, "Isn't that where we are supposed to go tomorrow?" She rolled her eyes and said, "Yes." Apparently, Colombia is getting ready to put computer chips into their passports and the last day to get one without the chip (which costs significantly less) is today. She then told me that today was going to be a long day. She said we would need to get to the passport building early (7 AM) and we should be prepared to stay there all day (6 PM). There would be no place to buy food and we could not leave the building. We all needed to go and we should pack snacks and water. Does that sound fun or what?

Just so you understand, let me tell you why the boys need passports. Here is the train of information: the judge signs the papers stating the boys are now Ducketts...the boys can now get new birth certificates stating we are their parents...the birth certificates allow them to get Colombian passports...Colombian passports allow them to get Visas to come to the US. It makes sense if you think it through...slowly (I think I finally understood after I thought it through on the third or fourth time).

So this is what happened today...Patricia got her husband to go to the passport building at 4 AM to save us a place in line. She picked us at 6:30 AM. We got there about 7. We literally broke in line in front of hundreds of testy Colombians. We got some serious stares, but nothing was said (at least nothing I understood). We were number 150. Of all the places we have been in Colombia, the passport building is the most efficient. We were done by 9 AM. Yep...DONE! I am suppose to go get the passports tomorrow. We are praying it goes as smooth as it went today.

Well...since our plan for the day was over at 9 AM, we decided to go to Monserrate. It is monastery located on a 10,000 foot mountain outside of Bogota. It was great! The view was incredible. Then we went to Old Town Bogota (old being 1500's). It too was really neat. It has been a great day. 

Kevin and Juan David are doing great. They are becoming more relaxed around us...which means they are being themselves. This afternoon we had to go to the grocery store. While there, they started picking on each other in the store like brothers will do. Cherry asked them to stop. They ignored. Finally, she went full-blown mom on them. I'm certain they did not understand her words, but they definitely understood her tone and her look (for a moment, I thought I was in trouble too). It was awesome! They stopped misbehaving. They respected her, listened to her, responded to her. It's hard to explain, but it was good for everyone. It is a small step to becoming a normal, dysfunctional family.