Adoption - Day 14 - Horses

Today we had arranged to take a two-hour horseback ride through the Colombian hillside. We had asked Kevin and Juan David if they wanted to do this. They did and we were all excited to take this little adventure. Other families here with us had also agreed to go…so there was 9 of us.

The people with the horses arrived at our villa and each of us was placed on a horse. In case you haven’t ever done this, the horses are very tame and obedient (at least they are supposed to be). Everything seemed fine until we actually started. There is a gate at the end of the driveway to our villa. When that gate was opened, Kevin’s horse took off. I know that the guide explained to Kevin in Spanish how to guide the horse, but I also think Kevin got a little panicked.

When I say his horse took off, I mean he was out of sight. We had no idea where he went. At the end of our road is a T, he went so fast that we did not see if he went right or left. Two of the men who brought the horses went looking for Kevin on their motorcycle while the rest of us simply waited to see what was going to happen next. All of our guides spoke Spanish and all of us riding the horse spoke English. So there was no verbal communication; the one guide that was still with us just kept looking at me with this “Sorry, but it will be okay” stare.

About ten minutes later, the two guys on the motorcycle started coming towards us. There was no horse and no Kevin. I heard Cherry utter, “Where’s Kevin?” Our hearts sank. Then, I noticed the guy on the back of the motorcycle was dressed just like Kevin. It was him! Kevin later told us (with the help of an interpreter) that the horse bolted down the road and crossed the main road (we are so thankful because he and the horse could have been easily hit by a vehicle). He said it just kept running. He said he was scared and almost fell off, but he just kept hanging on. Finally, the men on the motorcycle caught up to him and told him to pull hard on the reigns. When he did, the horse stopped running.

You are not going to believe this, but when he got back to the group he got back on the same horse, and we had our two-hour horseback ride through the sleepy Colombian hillside. Apart from the first ten-minutes, it was a lovely, fun ride.