Adoption - Day 12 - Waiting

We are waiting in paradise…and the only thing lacking is Internet service. I guess that is not a bad thing. Our schedule here at La Mesa consists of sleeping, eating, swimming, napping, eating, swimming, napping, eating, and then it is time to go to bed. It is really rough here (I had to go buy some sunscreen…I would have never guessed I would have needed that in Colombia).

As much as we may enjoy where we are, we are ready for things to progress. It is nice getting to know the other families around us. We are all in the same boat…waiting for the system to move.

God is being so faithful through this process. As He meets all of our needs, we are getting the opportunity to share our faith, our story, and listen to others share theirs. It is truly a blessing to meet these people and see how God uses people all over the world to take care of the most overlooked.

We will keep waiting, asking the Lord each day to use us. And, we ask that the Lord will use this time for Kevin and Juan David to bond with our family.