Adoption - Day 11 - Surprise

We had an appointment at 11 AM with the Family Defender this morning. Our ride was coming to get us at 9:30 (traffic…). At 8:30 we received a phone call from Lucy, our lawyer, she told us that our Article 5 had been signed and issued by the US Embassy. She then notified us that we had 30 minutes to pack for a 3-5 day trip to La Mesa (this is where the judge is). We were thrilled and frantic at the same time.

La Mesa is a small city about 2.5 hours southwest of Bogota. We go to this city to go before the judge because he/she is not as busy as the judges in Bogota. Where we are staying looks like something out of a Sandals Resort commercial (except we are in the mountains instead of on a beach). It is a large open-air villa with a great view and a private swimming pool (you will have to check the pictures out on Fb and Instagram). We have a helper here who prepares all of our meals, cleans our rooms, and generally takes care of us. There are three other families here also adopting children: one from North Carolina, one from Georgia, and one from France.

In our villa, we have been paired with the family from Georgia. The father is a native of Colombia. He is now a dentist in Atlanta. His wife is from Honduras. She works for a large corporation selling chemicals. They are adopting two children also…a brother and a sister. They are a precious family.

The boys seem to really like it here. At first they were a little nervous about running around barefoot with only their bathing suits on. Life in an institution does not allow such free-spirited activity, but they seem to be adapting. God is good and we are enjoying this experience (with all of its highs and lows), but we are also getting homesick. We miss Caleb and Seth.

Unfortunately, our villa does not have Internet. So, by the time you read this it will be a couple of days old (same goes with the pics on Fb and Instagram). Thank you for praying for us. Please don’t stop.