Adoption - Day 10 - Article 5

One of the key documents needed to complete an international adoption is called an Article 5. It comes from the US and is issued by the US Embassy in the country one is adopting a child from. The document allows the family to go before the judge who declares the child can be adopted and, therefore, a passport can be obtained.

As you know, we have been asking you to pray that our Article 5 would be issued by tomorrow. We discovered today that we will not have our Article 5 until Friday. We were told it has been signed, but the embassy holds it for 5 days. Basically, what this means is that we will not be able to come home until sometime during the first week of December. We were told from the beginning to plan to be in Colombia for at least 20 days. It looks like we will be here closer to 24 or 25 days.

We were told this morning that our Article 5 had been signed (those reading Cherry's post on Fb know about that). What we were not told is that they embassy holds it for 5 days before they issue it. Needless to say we were disappointed when we found that out. 

Just as I stated yesterday, we trust in God's sovereignty. We know that He is working out His plan. All we have to do is cooperate, keep a good attitude, and seek Him each day. Please keep praying for us. I do believe things are going so well because God is answering prayers.