Adoption - Day 1 - Travel Day

Today started at 3:40 AM. It was supposed to be 3:30 AM, but when I set my alarm the night before (after watching a very exciting Alabama football game) I set it for 3:30 PM instead of AM. Thankfully, my dad woke up (I was suppose to wake him up). 3:40 AM he knocked on my door and simply asked, "Aren't you suppose to be up by now?" Whew...disaster averted!

Thanks to all of you who prayed for travel mercies. We had no problems getting to Colombia. We started in Cleveland, had a short layover in Philly, then spent 6 hours in Miami. While in Miami, we decided to exchange some money. I wasn't sure what the exchange rate was going to be. I gave the lady $400. She gave me 910,000 Colombian pesos. WOW!...was not expecting such a large wad of money. We are almost millionaires in Colombia. We arrived in Bogota around 10 PM (BTW...we are in Eastern Time Zone so we will not have any jet lag issues).

It took us about an hour to get through customs. Once we made it through we were greeted by Soojin, our international social worker, and Patricia, our driver for our time in Colombia. We loaded into in a van and they brought us to the apartment we are renting. We did not really know what to expect, but whatever our expectations were, they were more than met. The apartment looks new and Cherry says it has a "European style" (I think that is code for trendy, small furniture). is really nice. We are within walking distance to a vegetable/fruit market and Colombia's verson of Walmart called Exito.

Tomorrow is our "Gotcha Day." We are to meet the boys and begin our time with them around 1 PM. Please be in prayer for us. I am sure it will be an emotional day filled with joy and moments of awkwardness. Hopefully hugs and smiles will overcome any language barries on this first day with them. We will bring the boys back to the apartment with us. They will be with us for the rest of our time in Colombia.