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I am delighted to introduce you to this year’s S.M.A.K. musical, The Kingdom Connection


When you step into The Kingdom Connection, the Bible comes to life! 


You leave the modern world behind and enter into the ancient world of kings who lived over two thousand years ago! 
We will be able to peek in on a few defining moments in Bible History, and learn from the lives of these kings. 
Kate, Loren and Josiah are visiting the interactive adventure at The Kingdom Connection Museum for the first time. 
As they travel through the museum they meet various Bible kings, including David and Solomon, as well as less popular characters like Herod and Saul. 
As we learn from the kings’ life stories and the choices each one made, the kids are preparing for The Kingdom Quiz, to be held at the end of their museum visit. 
Kate and Loren are excited to test what they have learned, but Josiah only cares about “acing the test at the end” and secretly tries to get the answers from King Herod, thinking he will come out on top! 
Josiah doesn’t realize that the advice King Herod gives him is from the perspective of the actual king, and not the real answer to the final quiz question. 
At the height of Josiah’s discouragement, Kate and Loren teach him that successful kings were those who were ‘plugged in’ to the power of God, continually seeking God’s wisdom. 
It is my hope and prayer that each child who sings these songs will learn God’s truths displayed through the lives of these kings. 
May our kids learn to have a heart that seeks after God by allowing God’s Spirit to dwell in them! 
Pastor Jason Cox
Worship Pastor


1. To learn about the kings God allowed to lead His people
2. To know that God can give us the power to live for Him


1. To learn excellence in performing musical theatre
2. To be a part of a performing group where all in the ensemble are important
for the success of the whole (Body of Christ)
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